I tell and sell stories for a living. I have that screen you’re watching as my canvass. I took up my formal film training at New York University and honed my skills by directing Music Videos in the hundreds. Prior to committing to a life of Film-making, I was in the field of Marketing, a Brand Manager in a couple of Fast Moving Consumer Goods Multinationals. Its an unheard of transition, until now…

When you find yourself in a tight bind where your resources are limited and the demand to deliver the best results, you need to work with people who can harness Creativity.

I have a strong penchant for Beauty

Raffy Francisco – Beauty from raffyfrancisco on Vimeo.

Ok they call me “Viral King”

The word VIRAL has been thrown loosely nowadays. When it is slapped on the Internet and not aired on TV, brands call that effort VIRAL. True virality is the holy grail of Internet Videos. Producing with hardly nothing and garnering undeniable hits and impressions in the millions. This is where I proudly excel in.

In this video for SevenVIP.com, a male-oriented content-production company I’m spearheading, we proved just that. We cast a then upcoming celebrity to workout in front of a camera in the guise of a P.S.A. (Public Service Announcement) on Exercise. Careful styling, choice of action and angles and voila, a video that has been Cited, Parodied and re-posted MILLIONS of times over  GLOBALLY. On my YouTube site alone it’s already close to 5Million hits. A slow-motion version of this is already 1.5Million hits. That alone is a feat in itself! A video has to be interesting. People like watching things that are thought to be unreal or unachievable. It goes without saying Ellen Adarna is now famous beyond imagination with endorsements left and right and this is the video that launched her as the ultimate  Fitspiration.

Whether it is a TV Commercial for a Shampoo, a Car or a Campaign to help address Mental Health Issues. The challenge is to create the best with what you have using Creativity as your most abundant resource. Couple that with authenticity and you’ll have work that people would care to watch repeatedly and share across their social networks.

I’m available You may contact me by leaving a comment on this Blog or via twitter @raffyfrancisco


5 responses to “About

  1. That was a sick wakeboarding flick mate! Would you know if there is any surf spots around camsur?

  2. Hi Raffy,

    I’m Richard from Guam and founder of Charice.Tv a support site for Charice Pempengco. We are not her official website 🙂

    I would like to publish your bio in our website with some of your works since you are one of the few director have work with Charice. We would like to share the experience with everybody that follows Charice music career.

    Thank you for your time.

    • raffyfrancisco


      Pls feel free to republish my bio. Its my proud honor to work with Charice… I actually just shot her latest music video for “Always You”


  3. Hi Raffy
    I am filming a documentary in Vietnam In August and am taking a camerra crew with me (from Australia) however I was looking for a local sound technitian do you have any of your crew in Vietnam?

  4. Hi Raffy,

    My name is Hannah Stevens and I work for Barcroft Media, an international press agency based in London.

    With offices in New Delhi and New York we produce news and feature stories for newspapers, magazines and broadcasters in the UK and abroad.

    We also have our own YouTube channel with almost 2 billion views and a TV arm who make full-length documentaries for networks including the BBC and Discovery.

    I came across your footage of the Gunter Cathedral dive on Vimeo and I was wondering if you had any stills of the dive? Or if anyone you were with took some photographs of the dive?

    I can be reached at hannah.stevens@barcroftmedia.com or at our London office at 020 7033 1030

    Hannah Stevens

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