Recently, the Mental Health Act was passed in Congress, paving the way for people to get treatment for mental illness. I’m proud to have been part of creating commercials that help get it passed as a law.

Over the course of my journey as a filmmaker I’ve done hundreds of Music Videos. Here are a selection.

This is the last music video I’ve made. It features the biggest artists in the Philippines, all pulling in for in for a worthy cause.

This is a video made for the Duran Duran Music Video tilt by This became an International Finalist. Shot this in about four hours only. Flattered that Simon Le Bon and the rest of Duran Duran actually sat down and personally selected this from hundreds of International submissions. Working on Music videos is a great thing. Its a blank canvass of sorts with nothing but the song and your interests to inspire you; and a blank budget as well.

This is a music video of the Philippine National Anthem. Its shown twice a day, everyday as ABS-CBN would sign-on and sign-off. It was a pleasure working with the brightest stars of the network and getting to visit Kapamilya all around the world.

2010 Malaysia Shout Awards Best Music Video. Shot with US$300 budget as part of the reality tv show I entered called HpSpace, the search for Asia’s most creative.

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